Canadian Cranberry Beans

Canadian cranberry beans are a mouthwatering delicacy no one should be denied of. Cranberry beans are more popularly known by that name courtesy of their red-flecked skins. These skins are amiably transformed creamy when cooked. Cranberry beans are a big favorite even in Italy where they are famously termed borlotti bean.

There is no argument, whether you are a foodie or not, you definitely need to get a taste of the Canadian cranberry beans creamy and hearty in good proportions. In Canada, this kind of beans best grows in those zones which have moderate temperatures. Such zones include the Maritimes, Southern Ontario. Even the Southwestern British Columbia rightly add up to these regions.

The varieties of cranberry beans differ too especially as they come with different colors. There are those that are white in color while there are those that are pink in color accentuated with red spots. But in most common cases, the cranberry beans are typically red which makes it look more like a cranberry that is ripe.

Cranberry beans are mostly harvested in the beginning of October or better still during late summer. There are various ways you can deliciously consume the Canadian cranberry beans, There is the option of rushing at it fresh and savory. But if you have more patience, you can store them a bit dried so later on in the year, you can eat them.

It doesn’t really take long to sufficiently dry your cranberry beans for later storage. Few weeks or even days is enough for adequate drying. Ask many, they find it extremely difficult keeping off the Canadian cranberry beans. But is it their fault?

Definitely not, with the delicacy and sumptuousness of this kind of beans, you can barely blame anyone for getting stuck with this meal. The aroma of the Canadian cranberry beans makes it bigger darling delicacy coupled with its unique meaty flavor that makes you struggle to get enough of it. No exaggerations, but it is impeccably pleasant.

Now how do you prepare your cranberry beans? You can prepare them simmered or yet you can get them mashed. Let us look in details at the first procedures of getting them simmered. To start with, you would have to take off the cranberry beans from the shell keeping them aside. Now dice your onion, garlic, and possibly some carrot if you like. You would need olive oil next. Alright, you will now sauté your cranberry beans in your olive oil. For this sautéing process, you may need some chili flakes and you could sauté till you notice that it is getting translucent. Good, then you can add your cranberry beans and add some water so they are immersed.

Fresh Cranberry BeansYou wouldn’t need much water or liquid to cook up your beans because they are fresh hence wouldn’t exhaust much time for the cooking process. Also, it is important the water is not too much as the taste of the cranberry beans come better when the flavor is concentrated.

Once the beans get relatively tender, you can proceed to season them with pepper as well as salt. If you wish, you can bring in some fresh herbs like parsley or better still your thyme. You can then get your beans on a plate, embellishing them with some eggs or Parmesan cheese (preferably grated). Some additional virgin oil would be good to complete the fresh cranberry dish. Whoosh and that is it, your cranberry beans is set fresh and waiting to be devoured by you.

Alternatively, you can get your cranberry beans sumptuously set for eating mashed. This way you may decide to soak your cranberry beans through the night. Next, you can get them properly boiled in the morning with sufficient water. It would be much better at the end of the boiling that not a bite is left to the texture of the beans. Alright, so let them cool down. Following that, you can sauté them in chopped garlic and some jalapeno pepper to complement things.

Cranberry Beans MealNow, strain the beans keeping the liquid aside before moving the cranberry beans to the pan. Continue the sautéing process you see the mixture attain dryness and then mash them say by means of a potato masher. You can now add the liquid you preserved. Good, now add some Mexican herb epazote or add your chopped oregano and it is set for a good meal.

Are you already drooling?