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Canadian Chickpeas Exporter & Supplier

Canada grows mostly kabuli chickpeas, also known as “garbanzo beans”. We also grow the smaller desi chickpea. Chickpeas are grown in the southern portions of the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Chickpea flour and split desi chickpeas are available from Canadian suppliers and used in many ethnic food products around the world. Some pastas, baking mixes and snack foods contain chickpea flour where it enhances the nutritional value of these products by boosting fibre and protein content.

  • Kabuli 10mm
  • Kabuli 9mm
  • Kabuli 8mm

AdasCan Grain is one of the leading companies in the Canadian chickpeas export niche delivering high quality chickpeas to wholesalers all around the world.


Chickpea hails from the family Fabaceae being also known as Cicer arietinum with its seeds adeptly rich in proteins. Chickpeas have many varieties, among which are the Egyptian pea, Bengal gram, the kabuli chickpeas and the gram. Peas were among the first legumes ever to be cultivated. Canada is famed for its production of kabuli chickpeas. Saskatchewan and Alberta are among the biggest producing provinces in Canada. Adascan has built an enviable reputation as top exporters of chickpeas in Canada. Looking for reliability and the highest quality of chickpeas? Then you are looking for Adascan.