canadian lentils varietyLentils come in their variety and assortments. Such variety cuts across their protein composition even down to their fiber content. Such diversity extensively spreads to colors and sizes, as Canadian pulses are of different colors and sizes, from the split red lentils all the way down to black beluga. One thing all these Canadian lentils all share is their delectability and if you want to cook them, you are in for a delicious show. So let us look at the various types of lentils and how we can tastefully cook them.

We will be starting with the Dried Lentils

One thing we easily fall into is cooking our dried lentils with stones. So a nice precautionary step would be to skim the lentils for stones. So if you don’t mind, you can select all the stony fragments off probably after you have spread your dried lentils on a cookie sheet. So lets us put those sweet dry lentils into the pot for real action. You could add water to the lentils in the pot for boiling, say a cup of lentils goes appropriately well with four cups of water. The spice in cooking dried lentils is embellished when you garnish the cooking process with some garlic or any other aromatics. Make sure the pot is encompassing, the lentils are going to judiciously expand.

Next, we will be looking at how we can cook Brown lentils

brown lentils

Brown lentils encompass Beluga lentils even as much as the Spanish brown. These brown lentils have a distinct feel on the taste bud, standing out from the general lentil family. This distinguishes them as those special type of lentils for a thunderously mouthwatering supper of salad that gets you licking hard on your plate. Brown lentils generally don’t expand much like dried lentils in the cooking process. But try as much to employ caution not to cook them excessively. They have a ready tendency to easily become a pudding.

How do you cook your red lentils?

cooking red lentils

Red lentils come in various colors. There are some red lentils that are crimson, there are others that are golden yellow. Red lentils make your stew and soup a wonder for their glorious flavor. They tend to help in increasing the viscosity of your dishes. But there is such ease when you cook red lentils. 15 mins is enough to get your red lentils cooked.

How about cooking Green lentils?

Green lentils are known in another terminology as French lentils. In course of the cooking process, they do retain their physical compactness as well as their shape. Green lentils can take you some 40 minutes or thereabout to get properly cooked. Green lentils kind of have this unique peppery flavor making it typical for a lovely lentil soup to remember.

cooking green lentils

In all, lentils are great meals. If you are not having lentils here in Canada, you are missing a whole lot then. Getting lentils in your salad or stew is the way to go. What to prepare a dish for your crush to win her over? Get her a meal of lentil salad and she is screaming yes to the start of a relationship.

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