delicious cook lentils

Lentils for ages have been regular meals for our species. All across the generations, lentils have stayed dutifully by our sides as loyal meals readily available to us in all their ferocious delights. One amazing thing about these lentils is the way they slide into our dishes and can readily be manipulated into a variety of recipes. Let us look at some amazingly delicious way in which you can cook your lentils.

You can enjoy your lentils in form of lentil burgers

This is one tasty delicacy you should try. Lentil burger in the same traditional spirit of lentils is low in calorie composition. It can be made in your hamburger style. It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare making it a ready-and-go meal.

You can mix your Lentil with Egg Omelet

lentil with egg omelet

You can cook your normal lentils and squeeze in some eggs. And if you have the preference, you can still mash things up with your spinach. Together the meal is an overflowing source of protein and is one good way to trigger your morning enthusiasm with the start of the day.

Your lentil readily goes well with your Split Pea Spread

The Indian lentil is more notorious for its harmonious comradeship with split pea. Both the Indian lentil and the split pea will always go together anytime tastefully. You can further rack up the delicacy with some cucumber rounds, and some pita crisps. It makes it all mouthwatering with a taste to craze for.

You will never forget your lentils and Tacos

lentils and tacos

Tacos are famous delights of every soul out there. Lentils can be delightfully prepared with a meaty taco meal. The lentil here can be a hefty collaboration of proteins not forgetting their tantalizing flavor. This is one recipe you could keep throwing into your mouth tirelessly.

You could go traditional with the Indian Mango Dal

Indian Mango Dal

They are almost an exhaustive variety of dals you can enjoy. Basically, Indians have their way of preparing lentils and it is most times as dals tastefully combined with a host of spices. Peculiarly the Indian Mango dhal stands out for the uniqueness of its flavor. The mango spice in it makes it all the more appealing. And then the Indian Mango dhal is so easy to make, you must not be kitchen veteran before you get it all ready for your enjoyment.

Enjoy the amazing Asian Cabbage Rolls

asian lentil cabbage rolls

Moments are always made when you have your lentil cabbage recipes on your dining table. Not many can expertly prepare it though but it is a nice dish for family meetings. Lentil cabbage recipes take so little financial commitment to prepare costing so little which makes it more outstanding when you compare the wonderful flavor with the astonishing affordability. You can easily add in your sesame seeds as well as your mushrooms. Very few vegan meals can get better than this.

We all have to try the Persian lentil salad

Persian lentil salad

The Persian lentil salad is one recipe we must mention here especially for vegetarians. A worthy lunch to mention with the exciting crunchiness of the lentil salad. No wonder why Iran is one of the major green lentils importers in the Middle East, use of Canadian green lentils can be seen in the major  Iranian  and Persian food recipe

These are all lovely ways you could easily prepare your lentils. One thing is certain, you are definitely getting a memorable treat at the end of the day with these dishes!

In today`s healthy life, different types of lentils including green lentils and red lentils is part of every one`s life,

Canadian Large green lentils, known as Laird,  medium size lentils which called richlea lentils and small size lentils which is known as Eston lentils  as one of the main source of protein.  Canada is one of the major producers of Lentils and the biggest exporter of Large green lentils.

Adascan Grain has the honor and pride to be part of  trade and export of  Canadian pulses including Canadian lentils and Canadian peas as well as different types of Canadian beans.