fresh corn recipes

The versatility of corn is pretty astonishing. Corn can rightly deputize as an appetizer that sets the stage for the main meal and corn can still go as the main dish proper. A bite of a buttery corn especially when fresh for example, is a step into new lands of pleasure.

And when you mash them up with those tasty soups, you are in for a scintillating ride. Now if you are puzzled at the tasty prowess of corn seeing all these sentences as untrue flattery of corn as a meal, then that is because you are not eating corn in the right recipe. Let us examine some mind-blowing corn recipes that are so deliciously provocative.

You have to try the creamy corn salad

creamy corn salad

Want to start a new eating adventure with corn, maybe you should try the creamy corn salad also known as esquites. No exaggeration, but by the time a spoonful of this mesmerizing creamy corn salad successfully lands in your mouth, you are stuck immediately to the meal barely leaving without a second plate. The corn cobs especially coated creamy with cheese are a special delight. And when you join this creamy corn salad with your grilled meats, you are on an intergalactic journey to the moon in pleasure.

A meal of Creamed Corn with Creole Shrimp will be surely worth your time

Creamed Corn with Creole Shrimp

This meal is a slight inventive improvement on your normal meal of grits and shrimps. This time with your creamed corn, the shrimp can be worked up tastefully with garlic, some creole seasoning and possibly some sprinkles of thyme. If you like, you can still add an added glint of perfection by adding your paprika (it goes better for your creamed corn when smoked). With the shrimps, a bit bulkier, this meal is must have, whether you are a lover of corn or not.

Take a bold step and try meal of grilled corn salsa

meal of grilled corn salsa

Yes, take a bold step and try this recipe, then you will see. You will see the unearthly wonder of corn in the mouth. You could inventively spread your char over the corn. Your jalapeños will be a great addition here. Any variant of jalapeños can go for this dish, whether red or green, it doesn’t make much difference as to the taste. Now add your steak, or fish with some black beans, rounding up the mouthwatering mixture with some frittata. There you are, now take a bite. How does it feel, did you see heaven?

How about you taste some bacon corn sauté and halibut

bacon corn saute and halibut

You will need your fish for this recipe, using frozen fish wouldn’t enter well with this meal, better when the fish is fresh and pretty lively. Then you would bring in your bacon and lime and mash it all up with your corn. The lime plays a perfectionist role to make sure everything blends perfectly together so that the perfect flavor emanates at the end of the day. You can now enjoy your meal

All these fresh corn recipes are for your taking. Try them and you would never commit the sin of overlooking corn again.

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