Lentils And Split Peas

Lentils and split peas hail from the general family of legumes. However looking deeper, we see that both split peas and lentils differ by the variety of legumes. On one hand, we have split pleas grown with the predominant intent of having them dried and split; on the other hand, we have lentils being seeds of a dried plant.

Overall both lentils and split peas can be altogether classified correctly under pulses. Talking about pulses, this happens to be a dry legume which is reputable for its number of seeds ranging from one to twelve. Most commonly, pulses grow in pods. Under this pulse classification, we have beans, peas, and lentils.

Split peas are typically peculiar among the pulse family for their distinct mode of appearance and all. Peas are well spherical with pronounced roundness while lentils while being round are notably flat. For beans, you see beans is fuller, round and oval as well.

Split Peas Vs LentilSplit peas include great peas as well as yellow peas. Both seeds fall under Pisum Sativum. Most times these two types deviate in the means by which they are processed. Split peas can be made from green peas for example by means of drying and peeling. These peas are split along the natural seam into two halves (after being hulled). Then they become split peas. This way (that is in the split form), the cooking process for the peas is well simplified as the procedure of first presoaking is no longer necessary.

Split peas also are impressive for their longevity although such durability in storage is almost a shared characteristic of the pulse family. The fact that you don’t necessarily need to soak split peas prior to cooking is an immense advantage. We will not also forget here to mention the volume of protein and fiber you stand to gain from the consumption of split peas. What more?

Split peas are commendably low in fats making it very healthy for eating. Talking farther into the types, that is green peas and yellow peas, most affirm the green pea over the yellow pea as the former is sweeter. Yellow peas tend to be more starchy than green peas. It is important we point out here that these yellow peas are way different from yellow lentils.

This now brings us to lentils. Just as we said earlier, lentils share the same pulse family with split peas. Talking about lentils, lentils are great when it comes to supplying important minerals (like calcium, folate) and a host of other vitamins. How about their appearance?  Same as we said, they as flat and round shaped. Other types of lentils like the yellow or red lentils could be found in the split form. Just like split peas, lentils are an excellent supply of protein and fiber while also judiciously constituting Vitamin B and Vitamin A.

There is such an engrossing variety of lentils.  This variety cuts across differences in shapes, sizes, and color. Most popular among the types of lentils are the brown or green lentils. These mentioned types of lentils have an external seed coat. Red lentils are kind of rounder with a more reduced size tend to end up in a pudding when cooked. Yellow lentils are most processed into dals.

Talking about the food relevance of lentils, lentils have faithfully been source of food for mankind for several thousand of years now. All across several cultures, communities, and nations, lentils find different applications and even means of consumption. From pilafs to dips, to being used in veggie burgers as meat replacement; the uses of lentils are amazingly diverse.

In most areas, lentils are used as a delicious substitute for meat. In the Arab world, communities tastefully combine their rice with lentils and mujadarra dishes. In India, we have dal puris for amiable breakfasts and in Ethiopia, we see lentils as kit wot cooked tastefully into several delicacies. Many across the world are affectionately tied to these meals. Some could either be stuck inseparably for the taste or better still for the health advantages they usher in.

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