soybeans health benefits

Did you know that one of the most widely produced crops in the United States can help your body defend itself against a variety of health issues?

The Glycine Max, more commonly known as the Soybean (or soya bean) is a strain of legume that is regaled as one of the greatest consumed foods in the entire world. While their ease of cultivation has grown their popularity throughout North and South America, that is not the main reason why the Soybean has become so prevalent in recent years.

Soybeans are actually FULL of health benefits that many people would not associate with a Soybean. A core factor of its ever growing popularity in foods is how much protein is produced per acre; which allows the protein to be used in a larger variety of foods. Such high levels of protein, along with several other nutrients found in Soybeans, make it an ideal substitute and protein source for vegetarians.

Like all plants, Soybeans are filled with several vitamins and minerals that help boost your immune system. The nutrients include:

Vitamin B6
Vitamin C
Vitamin K



With such an abundance of protein, your body’s overall system will improve via your metabolic functioning tremendously. Since proteins are the building blocks of the human body (proteins pretty much create all parts of the human body) adding Soybeans to your diet will improve not only your overall health but also your cell regrowth for any cells that are in need of replacement. High levels also provide those with vegan and vegetarians lifestyles with the means of consuming the protein that one would normally obtain from red meat, dairy, eggs, fish, and chicken.


Soybean Antioxidants will help prevent a variety of cancer. Antioxidants search for “free radicals” (a dangerous cellular metabolism byproduct) and neutralize them; along with forcing healthy cells to become cancerous. Studies have shown that just the fiber content in Soybeans alone can reduce colon cancer, since fiber helps ease the digestive process.


Unsaturated fat is the healthy alternative to the saturated fats that come in most foods nowadays. The levels of unsaturated fats in Soybeans help lower your cholesterol and prevent major health problems like strokes and heart attacks. Two very important acids are also vital to the body, Linoleic and Linolenic, which regulate muscular functionality and keep blood pressure levels in check. Both of these are very significant in regulation since even the slightest slipup could result in your heart being forever affected. And again, the fiber in Soybeans was actually found to complete a second job in the body; that of cleaning the walls of the arteries and blood vessels to make blood pump through easier.

Other health improvements from Soybeans include:

Menopausal Relief, Osteoporosis Prevention, Bone Health Improvement, Diabetes Management, Weight Management, and Digestive Improvement.

While not everyone may want to go on a “totally Soybean” diet, it may be time to look into how you could add at least some more of it into your daily food intake. Would it not be wonderful to plan for your body’s future? By eating the extra soy now, you could be preventing a major health problem later.

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