Pulse Flours Gluten Free Foods

In our world today, it is right that we are placing a deserved quantity of emphasis on our diet. The modern reality has shown that our health is inextricably linked with what we ingest as the better we eat the farther we get from the doctor (health challenges). Thus everyone is keeping a keen eye on his diet.

Such dedicated conscientiousness on the part of our dieting has seen us avoid some foods that are largely detrimental to our health. Among some foods we tend to stay from are those that predominantly contain gluten.

One of the ailments that is inspired by gluten is the infamous Celiac disease. However, in most cases, the Celiac disease is inherited being an autoimmune disorder affecting no less than one in 100 persons in the world. This ailment is also triggered by the ingestion of gluten as especially the consumption of the gluten protein domiciled in rye, and wheat.

Gluten is one dreaded ingredient that doesn’t mean the too well for our health, rightly said. There has been a general clamor for an increased adoption of gluten–free products in our meals. Such tilt towards foods that are significantly free of gluten has pumped up the gluten-free market. In the US for example, the gluten-free market has voluptuously grown by over 27% when measured from some seven years ago. By 2011, the gluten-free market was worth a mouthwatering $6bn.

Pulse FloursYet, the unfortunate reality is that most of the gluten-free foods we have today don’t really have the adequate nutritional composition to keep us healthy. In most cases we see today, the foods we have that are gluten free don’t have sufficient quantity of fiber, while in other cases, these gluten-free foods are missing on the valuable composition of minerals and vitamins. Such inadequacy in terms of nutrients for gluten-free products can be attributed to their composition of white rice flour, cornstarch and possibly potato starch. This deficiency can be effectively remedied however with the addition of pulse flours to this meals. Manufacturers can rightly consolidate the nutrient composition of gluten-free foods by proportionately mixing in pulse flours.

Pulse flours are vehemently rich in the composition of fiber and helpful protein as well as minerals. Pulse flours have a high potency to improve on the shelf-life as well as make better the texture of gluten-free products. Pulse flours are a powerful addition to your diet. Pulse flour for one is a reliable source of proteins and the vitamins your body inevitably needs. This can be attributed to the nature of pulses in locking nitrogen from the air and conserving it. One can rightly resort to pulse as well as pulse flours for a good supply of folate, fiber, proteins. There is definitely nothing to fear about pulse flours when it comes to fat as pulse flours are safely low in fats.

Researchers have even proven the nutritional power of pulse flours. The University of Manitoba has taken time to capably demonstrate that when you use pre-cooked flaked lentils in replacing half of the oats in a granola bar, you could increase the fiber, the protein as well as the iron composition by double. Also by that replacement in a 30g serving, you can also increase folate to by over 9% in the daily value.

Nutritional Power Of Pulse Flours

Moving further to give scientific backing to how nutritious pulse flours can be, the same research showed that when about half of the wheat flour as you can see in tortillas is replaced with navy, black and pinto bean flour, you could enjoy a rampant leap in the iron and fiber composition. Moreover, pulse flours perform well better at the retention of water as well as clamping down heftily on surface cracking.

It is now left for Canada’s pulse industry to jump in and adequately explore the beauty and greatness of pulse floors, especially what it can add to our gluten-free products. Manufacturers can now integrate more lentil flour as well as wealth flour in more products.

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