Soybeans Harvest

The ultimate joy of every farmer is a successful harvest. It is the deserved ending after the rigors of sowing, all through nurturing your crops to maturity. There is this satisfaction that swells within the farmer at the sight of a bountiful harvest. The soybean farmer is not excluded from this joy. However, having a bountiful soybean harvest would need a knowledge of some of the intricacies and skills in soybean farming. Let us examine some of them.

Deploying narrow rows go a long way in improving your soybean harvest

As a soybean farmer, it is important you pay attention to the width of your rows. It is ideal the rows are narrow. While some farmers would go with the option of 30-inch rows, it would be better if they could adopt rows of a width of 15 inches.

This should be done in such a way that the farmer is able to pull residue from one without the incidence of throwing it into the following row. Normally this should be done in a fashion that there is impressive uniformity in the residue cover.

Such is necessary to provide a conducive growing environment for the soybeans especially during the season of spring. With a narrower width between your rows, there is the stronger chance that your bushel harvest for each acre is going to see a leap.

You can also adopt a no-till approach

The developing reality that many soybeans farmers are coming to face is that the normal procedures they conventionally deploy for tillage are going out of the trend, becoming ineffective especially as they don’t help the environment sustainably on the long-term anymore.

We would not forget here that soybean normally is relatively more vulnerable to soil erosion. The no-tilling approach is the new way out. This entails incorporating no-tilling beans into cornstalks. This approach is sure to puff up the yields as well especially during those elongated period of dryness.

Another secret to increased soybean harvest is lowering your seeding rates

Chopping down your seeding rates would prove an effective way to go. While many farmers would readily go with 150,000 soybeans seeds for the 15-inch rows (that is taking a seeding rate of four seeds for every foot of row), reducing it would bring much greater results. Dropping it significantly to somewhere like two seeds for every foot of row would be more helpful (that is taking a seeding rate of 75,000 soybeans seeds for the 15-inch rows).

At the end of the day, you can be confident of an increased soybean harvest with a significant rise in the number of pods per plant. In all this, it would yet be important point out that these seeds you are planting should be treated seeds. This ensures at least you are planting viable disease resistant soybean seeds. You are better protected that way.

You can also apply your dry fertilizers

Talking about dry fertilizers, we will do well to mention the P&K. This has the high propensity of increasing your yields. But in doing this you must make sure to create a balance of the basicity of your soil pertaining to the pH conditions.

Such balance can be achieved with a careful application of lime. It would be important if you take time out to carry out a dutiful examination of the micronutrients composition as well as paying due attention to the root-zone band. These procedures are important to escape difficulties that may arise from stratification and even surface applications.

Don’t forget to manage the residue

Aside from the great environmental advantage you stand to gain from managing residue, you are going to gain a whole lot economically. You can ensure a more an improved management of your stalks as well as your chaffs. You can cut your soybean masterfully throwing the chaff so that they are better distributed.

This is much helpful when the rains come in thick and heavy even plugging culverts. In such instances your soybeans are well protected, ensuring that when harvest comes you are smiling home with a reasonably increased yield from all your efforts.

Soybean Yield Farm

Therefore we have seen that behind that large smile you see on the face of a farmer with a successful soybean yield, there exists a whole wealth of knowledge and expertise. With these tips expertly executed, you are sure of multiplying your soybeans harvest