White Beans with Onion Confit Recipe

One of the best things that can happen to you is a good meal. Never doubt this. That savory meal you switch off your phone to consume for fear of disturbance. That mind-blowing meal that you can miss a six-figure job interview for and you have absolutely no regret. One of such meals is white beans garnished with an onion confit recipe. A spoonful in a mouth and the whole world stops for a second in your head.

It is a meal you can rightly go the length for. Especially when it gets more tantalizing with a romantic touch of garlic and some caramelized onions. If you still want to rack up the taste, you can add some rosemary to it and the delicacy is readily fantastic. The meal shares similarities with a meal of beans, cilantro oil well mashed up some chunk of goat cheese. So how can you cook this meal of white beans with onion confit recipe all saucy and ready for you to pounce on with your cutlery?

The first step traditionally is getting your beans on the saucepan. You can proceed and add some water to the beans in the saucepan. Having heated the beans in the saucepan considerably, you can now bring in your onions, some celery would be great here too. If you don’t mind, you can add some bay leaf. Make sure not to add excessive heat after putting the bay leaf. If you make that mistake, the skin is more likely to break. So preferably keep boiling with low heat, it would be helpful if you don’t cover it. Once the beans gets a little softer (ensure you don’t cook it mercilessly into a pudding), you can add your salt proportionately. After adding your salt, you can take it off the heat and cool down a bit.

Next, we move to the oven. Get your oven preheated. A temperature of 300 Fahrenheit is acceptable. You would have to take the water off the beans. So after draining the beans, you can now safely do away with the vegetables. Don’t make the mistake of throwing away the precious liquid. It is worse than throwing the baby away with the bathtub. Keep the liquid intact, we will need it.

So we are going into the cooking proper now. Get a quarter of a cup of olive oil in a casserole pan. Don’t forget to preheat the pan. So you add your garlic and allow it for a minute or thereabout. After then you can add your tomato preferably in the form of a creamy paste. Roll in your additional stuff like red peppers your thyme and possibly your parsley. After adding your salt and pepper you can now rightly bake for about half an hour. Then take it off the oven and add some olive oil on the ground without heat. Then we are done. There is your beans with onion confit all set for you to masticate mercilessly.

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