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Lentils should be a Staple in Everyone’s Diet

lentils meals diet

Lentils should be a staple in everyone’s diet, low in calories and very high in nutrition…


All you need to know about Legumes

legumes types

What is a legume? Legumes encompass a wide range of edible nuts and vegetables, this includes…


A Beginners Guide to Pulses and Legumes

pulses and legumes guide

Pulses are legumes or plants that have a pod produced from flowers. Inside the pods are peas, beans, soybeans, peanuts and lentils.


Lentil Dahl with sweet potatoes, and spinach

Lentil Dahl with sweet potatoes, and spinach

A terrific one-pot recipe that is low fat, low calories and iron and mineral rich. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The dahl freezes well and will keep in the fridge for 2 days.


Lentils: Everything you Need to Know about this Tiny Legume

all about lentils

Lentils are one of the world’s oldest legumes or pulses. Pulses are powerhouses of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and include peas, beans and lentils.


Split Pea or Lentil? How to tell the difference

split pea vs lentil

Both split peas and lentils are from the legume family they, like beans, come from a different variety of legume. Split peas are grown specifically for drying and they split naturally when dried and lentils are the seed of a plant that is dried.


Understanding different Types of Lentils

different types of lentils

Lentils belong to the pulse or legume family, like peas and beans, but they are actually seeds. The biggest advantage of lentils versus beans is the fact that they don’t require soaking and they are best cooked in flavoured water or within a recipe for a soup or stew.


Lentils: Nutritional Powerhouses

lentils nutritional powerhouses

In order to have a rounded high protein, high fiber diet you should include several servings of lentils a week. Lentils are a pulse and member of the legume family of beans, and peas.